Bon Voyage on a Budget

You’ve cut down on dining out, held impulse buys at bay, and stashed cash for months for that summer trip. Now it’s time to get the most bang for those vacation bucks. Whether you’re traveling with the family, taking off with your man, or craving adventure with your girlfriends, you can enjoy first-class fun at discount prices. That’s right, even in the summertime, when it seems as if everybody’s trying to get away from it all. Here’s some insider information on saving money and scoring perks on your next vacation:

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Cruise prices tend to drop and become a great value in late summer and early fall. When booking a cruise, ask if “guarantees” are available. That magic word means you’ll pay the lowest price. “You take a chance, because they’ll put you wherever they have room, but many times you’ll get an upgrade,” says Heidi Allison-Shane, spokesperson for

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