Carnival Cruise Line’s Late Night Kids Parties

Carnival’s well known for its entertainment activities onboard; they offer a variety of “nightlife” activities such as casinos, lounges and clubs, and spectacular live shows with singers, musicians and dancers.

As wonderful as all these entertainment options are, adults traveling with children often have issues attending the evening soirees. After all, who watches the children when you’re cruising at sea?

Unless you’ve brought along a helpful babysitter or grandparent, the responsibility for childcare rests squarely on the parent- until recently, when Carnival Cruises introduced Camp Carnival Night Owls to all 23 of their ships.

The premise, which is a children’s program that features parties and late night activities for children ages 11 and under, allows parents to enjoy a “night out” while the children are safely in the care of Carnival’s youth staff. The Night Owls parties, which take place in the children’s playrooms, are divided into 3 age groups and are held at least once each voyage. They carry a fee ranging from $13 to $33 per child.

The Night Owls Camps run from10:00 pm to 3:00am, and for those parents who would rather have their children safely tucked away at bedtime, in-room babysitting services are also offered on all ships at a cost of $6.75 per child per hour.