Consider a repositioning cruise for a new experience

Looking for long wonderful days at sea to relax and rejuvenate, paired with deep discounts on cruise pricing? Consider a repositioning cruise.

Repositioning cruises (one of the best kept secrets in the cruise industry,) consist of one-way itineraries scheduled when ships relocate to new destinations based on the season.
Ships that winter in the Caribbean or Hawaii will often move to Alaska, Europe or Canada/New England in the spring and then reverse course back to warmer climates in the fall. While these types of cruises do tend to have more days at sea, and less in port, the stops are more exotic than usual. Some ships make the transit from the west coast to the east coast and you will be able to go through the Panama Canal, Cruisers may visit broad swaths of the Caribbean or an entire coast line all at once, cross the Atlantic with stops in off-the-beaten-path places like Greenland or hit several cruise regions and even continents on one trip.