Disney’s Ship Within A Ship

Disney is perhaps the cruise line best known for its family values; the line has, for years, catered to families in a multitude of ways. And now, in an effort to appeal to passengers who might normally opt to sail on small luxury lines, the line has created a new class system.

After receiving feedback from some passengers that they wanted a more exclusive space, with separate amenities and more luxurious accommodations, Disney has created the “concierge” level on their new ship, the Dream. This concierge level features 41 rooms that have the exclusive use of a sun deck and lounge, complimentary cappuccinos, and iPads on loan.

This private complex is reminiscent of old-style trans-Atlantic crossings of the past, when first-, second- and third-class passengers were assigned separate areas of vessels, and allows those who are willing to pay a premium for perks to avoid the noise and crowds that are sometimes characteristic of a larger ship.

So if you’re interested in the fun and family values a Disney Cruise represents, but want more privacy and amenities, the concierge level awaits! Find out more about Disney and this exclusive option from your VacationCompete agent!