More About This Fabulous Cruise

Little Important Items – We Noticed

The Wedgwood China and Waterford Crystal are extremely beautiful. Cunard did not miss a thing in designing the dining rooms. Breathtaking heights, small lamps, pieces of art strategically placed through out the dining areas – you do feel part of a bygone era when people had time to sit and watch life go by.

Extremely nice laundry rooms with soap provided – no charge for anything in these cute launderettes.

What Will We Do for Six Days at Sea?

If you are worried about what you will do for 6 days at sea, worry not. I sat and watched the wave’s hit the ship from a hallway with window seats and little chairs scattered about. Almost each evening we were late for dinner as there were so many things to do.

From lectures given by learned Oxford Professors to accomplished physicians to art exhibits from some of the masters (the art on the ship is museum quality) to Latin dancing, we could not fit in everything we wanted to do.


There were certainly a few, yet this is probably not the type of cruise for little ones. But this would be a fabulous ship for a Caribbean cruise for the entire family.

The Guests

Our cruise was from London to New York. The guests list was diverse with people from all around the world and all were extremely friendly, as was the more-than competent crew.

The Weather

The weather at sea changed drastically. The first day it was quite chilly and then the second day it was at least 72 degrees Fahrenheit.