Pre or Post Excursion Idea: Kutztown Folk Festival

I know this is not cruise related, but every once in a while, something catches my eye and I just have to make a note of it. I received information about the festivities happening at the 64th Annual Kutztown Folk Festival this summer, and I was intrigued. I think this would make a lovely stop if you are vacationing on the east coast this summer, or as a pre or post cruise excursion if you are sailing from a nearby port such as New York, which is less than a two hour drive from Kurtztown.

From Dave Fooks, Director:

“The Kutztown Folk Festival is the oldest folklife festival in the United States, focusing on the Pennsylvania Dutch culture and traditions. Educational, fun, and a hands-on experience, the Kutztown Folk Festival has been named as one of the three “must see” festivals on the east coast by the Washington Post, one of the top three festivals in the nation by USA Today, and has had feature articles in such publications as Saveur Magazine and National Geographic.

America’s largest quilt sale, 200 demonstrating craftsmen, traditional Pa Dutch cooking, and unusual historical demonstrations and reenactments are only a small part of what makes this Festival unique. 40% of the Festival visitors are under the age of 12. Helping to create a lasting memory of a happy family day together in the mind of a child is one of our most important goals.

Hands-on experiences make the Kutztown Folk Festival unique. Make your own quilt square for our annual visitors quilt, and experience being a part of a quilting bee. Shuck corn, bale hay, and learn about traditional farming methods. Learn to play a song on traditional musical instruments. Take part in a Pennsylvania Dutch church service, sing-along with traditional children’s songs, visit the petting zoo, participate in a tall tales contest, or try your hand at the skills of many of our demonstrating craftsmen.

The 64th Annual Kutztown Folk Festival is 9 days long, June 29 – July 7, 2013. It is held in Kutztown, Pennsylvania; easily accessible from all major routes in Eastern Pennsylvania.”