Soft Caribbean Cruise Market Could Mean Savings for Passengers

While the European cruise market is growing, there has been a general softness in demand for Caribbean cruises in the last year, and that is cutting into revenue for cruise lines, according to industry executives at the annual Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention held mid-March.

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CruiseCompete spokeswoman Heidi Allison said consumers should also look at “amenities” offered by agents providing cruise quotes through the website.

She explained that amenities are essentially cash credits or discounts that you can use for onboard expenses. For example, a “cabin credit” is money placed in your shipboard account to be used for tips, drinks, or anything else you can charge while on board. You may also be offered credits that can only be used for certain types of expenses, like spa services. Casino credits can be redeemed for chips if you gamble, or cashed in if you don’t.

“Sometimes you’ll need to contact the agency to find out the amount of the credits, as they will have to discuss it with you personally,” Allison said. “Be sure to do this. It can pay off in big savings for you.”

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