Azamara’s Fascinating Evening Adventures

Shore excursions are very high on the list of reasons why people take cruise vacations; with such a fascinating array of options available worldwide, I am always looking to find new experiences for our AllThingsCruise readers. The latest to catch my eye is from Azamara; they have a series of excursions called the AzAmazing Evening … Read more

Aegean Odyssey 2011

Story by Tony Leighton After two glorious days in Rome, we met the Aegean Odyssey in Civitavecchia, the nearby port where countless cruise ships take on and off-load hundreds of thousands of passengers each year. She was unmistakable, like a gazelle in a herd of hippos. On one side was an enormous cruise ship with … Read more

Stunning Beaches, Diverse Culture, Exotic Ports-Experience the Glamour of the Mediterranean on Windstar Cruises

The very idea of the Mediterranean brings to mind stunning natural beauty, diverse cultural heritage, sophistication, and champagne- in short, the glamorous life! It is, without a doubt, one of the most desirable regions in the world to cruise, as the whole region is peppered with picturesque beaches, secret coves, spectacular harbors, and exotic port … Read more