Visiting the Scottish Highlands-Vicariously!

My father Alexander was born in Scotland, so, for many years, I wanted to experience a river cruise through Scotland, and have just not yet had the opportunity. Luckily, however, my son Will recently got the chance to go on European WaterwaysÔÇÿ Scottish Highlander- and took it! How lovely! A luxury hotel barge to see the beauty of Scotland.

I wondered whether this would be the cruise for him-he’s in his 20ÔÇ▓s, a young professional, and avid adventure traveler. Would he enjoy what I imagined would be a leisurely float on a luxury barge- traveling with his father?

My fears were soon put to rest- “Mom, this trip was awesome! I loved it!”

He’s blogged about the trip here-click here and read about everything he experienced on a river cruise with European Waterways.